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When There Are NOT Enough Hours In The Day

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but we’ve been busy and there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to write blogs!

Pam’s been working hard to finish a week-long installation in the mountains! Look for more pictures to come soon, but here’s a few of her on-site working away on last minute details, and taking a little rest from her labors!

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Design Behind the Scenes – Part 3

Some of you may have been following our posts about designing a condo in the Upstate. This week, the installation is upon us!

This project has been a year in the making. Everyone loves to see fabric and furniture selections in the beginning and pictures of the end result, but the behind-the-scenes storage and delivery phases are absolutely crucial in the success of our projects.

Carefully stored in our warehouse for the last several months, these boxes house a condo full of furniture, lamps, and rugs.

Rick and David have been very organized about storing everything in our warehouse for several months and now carefully loading it up for the 2-hour trip to the condo! They’re the designers this time, deciding how best to fit all the furniture, lamps, accessories, and rugs into the trucks, all while keeping it safe and keeping in mind what order they will install it in.  And as for the elevator at the condo – well they’ll be the masterminds in charge of fitting everything into it and getting it to the 3rd floor!

Tuesday the men loaded up for the first day of delivery.


Look for Part 4 – the final photos!


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What’s in Our Warehouse?

9:00 AM Tuesday morning – Did you know where your designers were? The warehouse! Yes, it’s time for our annual Inventory / Clean Up Day at Pulliam Morris. We closed shop and headed to Millwood to start counting and cleaning. One of this, three of that - lamps and accessories, mirrors and tables - we count everything!


Once the counting was complete, the task of cleaning began. Fabrics and carpets were straightened, old wallpapers were given a toss, trims were organized, shelves dusted and floors cleaned. It was a monumental task that had to be done.

William and Anne enter the inventory once the counting was complete.

“What’s next” you ask, come see what’s in our warehouse!

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