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Is It Real…Or Is It A Magazine?


We all have our favorites: VerandaHouse BeautifulTraditional Home.  That gift to myself that arrives once a month.  I can’t wait to curl up with my coffee and pour over every photo.  Perfect rooms full of beautiful things, owned by (we can only assume) beautiful people.  

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When There Are NOT Enough Hours In The Day

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but we’ve been busy and there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to write blogs!

Pam’s been working hard to finish a week-long installation in the mountains! Look for more pictures to come soon, but here’s a few of her on-site working away on last minute details, and taking a little rest from her labors!

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Several people have asked us why we decided to start our Blog, PM Style. To be honest, there are days we ask ourselves the same question! During 2012, our 50th anniversary year, Pulliam Morris decided to give ourselves a makeover. We launched a new website, created a new logo, and honed our marketing skills for the world we live in today. With the help of Cathy Monetti and her team at Riggs Partners, we accomplished this and launched our Blog, PM Style. The response has been overwhelming and we are thrilled.

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