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Sneak Preview


The USC Alumni Center will be a state-of-the-art facility where alumni and students will enjoy social and professional events.

The new USC Alumni Center on the corner of Senate and Lincoln Streets in the Vista is nearing completion!  About two years ago, LS3P, the architects and designers for the project, asked us to partner with them on some of the interior design, furnishing, and artwork selections.

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Time for a Change

DSC_1008The kids are all grown up and have moved out of the house; the piano hasn’t been touched in years; twenty-five years has flown by - it’s time for a change! We chose to focus on the front of the house first - the living room, dining room and foyer. Removing the wallpaper in the dining room made a big difference in lightening up the home which was important to my clients. Walls were painted, the powder room received a facelift, lights were replaced with updated fixtures – installation day was busy. The electricians, plumbers and installers were coming and going, in and out of the house for hours. The transformation was amazing when our clients came home from a long day at work.


The dining room was dark and uninviting while the living room lacked style.

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Make your walls anything but ordinary…

“My contractor says he needs my paint colors by tomorrow at noon.”

Wall PanelingAs a designer, helping clients pick out interior wall colors is an important part of my job that sets the tone for room and furnishings to follow.  But, walls can be so much more than simply a paint color.

I like to add texture and dimension to interior walls through interesting architectural details.  Wood paneling, both horizontal and vertical, decorative wall panels, soft upholstered walls, wallpaper, textured stucco and specialized paint treatments are all possibilities to give your walls some personality.  Here are some of my recent projects where we’ve incorporated some of those different wall treatments.


Picked Cypress wall and ceiling boards transformed this beach home game room.

Pickled cypress wall and ceiling boards transformed this beach home game room.


Horizontal ship lap paneling in a soft white has an understated elegance in this dining room.

Horizontal ship lap paneling in a soft white has an understated elegance in this dining room.


Paneled Walls

A high paneled wainscot for the walls in this hallway adds architectural interest.


Framed Grasscloth Panels

Wood molding frames out these panels of printed grasscloth in our client’s hallway.



The walls in this study are lined with horizontal planks of heart pine with textured grasscloth above.


Upholstered Walls

We chose to upholster the walls in this dining room in a lovely, hand printed damask fabric.


Wine Cellar

A mix of textured stucco and exposed brick give this wine cellar basement an old world feel.

What can we do to add some character to your walls?