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Lighten Up, Brighten Up a Mountain Cabin


Mountain homes and cabins can be very cozy and warm. Sometimes, however, because of the shade of the outdoor foliage and terrain, the interior can be dark. Such was the case with this log cabin in western North Carolina. The owners requested that we brighten up the living space while keeping the existing rug and sofa.

The first step was to paint some of the stucco walls with an off-white instead of the existing tan color. We also painted the flat ceiling area over the dining table an off-white. After donating the brown leather loveseat to the church white elephant sale, we replaced it with two spool chairs and an ottoman in a light painted finish and soft aqua fabric.


The sofa and loveseat were a set, but the new spool chairs are much more functional and happy than the loveseat.

Using a few new mirrored pieces, we were able to brighten the living room with the reflected light from the skylight above.

coffee table

This new brass coffee table with a mirrored top is much lighter than the wooden trunk that they used before.

We replaced the tan curtains with cream colored linen draperies with a decorative tape trim.

We replaced the tan curtains with cream linen draperies trimmed in a decorative tape.  They lighten up this side of the room while also offering privacy.

Is It Real…Or Is It A Magazine?


We all have our favorites: VerandaHouse BeautifulTraditional Home.  That gift to myself that arrives once a month.  I can’t wait to curl up with my coffee and pour over every photo.  Perfect rooms full of beautiful things, owned by (we can only assume) beautiful people.  

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Change is good

Tower Bridge, LondonHave you ever noticed how everything around you seems to change without you even noticing? It’s like turning around and your child has grown up overnight, or within seconds your new I-Phone is out of date, or that sofa you just recovered has spots and stains all over it. In an instant, things are different. That’s how I felt after a recent trip to London with my family. I realized not only how much the city had changed in the 17 years since I’d been there, but also how modern it had become. The City of London is home to some of the world’s most amazing modern structures that have risen magically between ancient building and cathedrals. From the city’s tallest skyscraper, the Heron Tower, to the Gherkin, built in the financial district of London, the architecture is quickly changing.

Tower of London and Gherkin

From the Tower of London (founded 1066) to modern buildings under construction, the London skyline is constantly changing

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