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Let Your Travels Inspire You

My client found these wonderful hanging lights typical of French kitchens!

Recently I was asked for design advice with a kitchen renovation. My client was inspired by her trips to France and wanted to incorporate some elements in the plan.  Unfortunately, I did not take any “before” pictures of the room.  However, this space certainly went through a major transformation!

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Everyone Loves A Makeover


IMG_0520-1Have we really been working on this together for almost 30 years?

My client and I had a laugh over how time has flown and how trends have changed.  Considering an extensive (and overdue) makeover, we traveled from room to room as we inventoried each piece of furniture, recounting which year and which house each piece was purchased.  Sofa from the ’80′s.  Chairs from the ’90′s.  You get the idea.

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Explaining Natural Fiber Rugs

Fiber rugs are beautiful and add texture to any style of room. They provide elegance and/or a casual look depending on the placement. There are many designs of natural fiber rugs. Geometric patterns are very decorative even if they are neutral in color.  Shades of khaki, beige, taupe, and off white are typical for this type of rug material.

Rich but subtle, these rugs are versatile and timeless.

But what are the differences between all the natural rug fibers?  And how do I know which one is right for my situation?

There are many interesting  patterns, textures, and colors to chose from.

There are many interesting patterns, textures, and colors to chose from.

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