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To Be or Not to Be…

“To be or not to be…” is the opening dialog of Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.

“To have and to hold from this day forward…” is recited by many couples on their wedding day .

In the 1980′s The Clash sang, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Do you sometimes look at your sofa and ask yourself these same questions? Think about it in these terms - do you want to have and to hold onto that sofa until eternity? Should it stay… or should it go? To be recovered or not to be recovered – that is the real question.

To replace or recover - that is the question!

To replace or recover – that is the question!

Replacing vs. Recovering Your Sofa

Is your sofa old? Is it outdated? Too low? Too groovy? Not groovy enough? Worn out? Can’t get that animal smell out?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then it’s probably time to start looking into replacing your sofa.  If you answered no to a few of them, it might be that recovering is the best option.

This client opted to purchase a new sofa.  The old one was...

This client opted to purchase a new sofa. The old one was beyond help!

If your sofa is comfortable, has good lines and is in good condition structurally, then consider recovering it. If it’s great structurally but just too low – here’s a design tip – have your upholsterer raise the legs a few inches before recovering it.

How about the style of the sofa? Is it still “in” or is it totally “out”? These “vintage” pieces can be saved and recovered for sentimental reasons but most likely will not be the sofa on which the family snuggles onto for movie night.

This old sofa has a fresh new look in a client's formal living room.

This old sofa has a fresh new look and is now at home in the client’s formal living room.

Many, many times when meeting with clients, one spouse seems to think the sofa is just fine while the other is about it toss it on the street because it is thread bare and smells like that sweet four legged animal roaming your home. Is it time to start shopping? Then go forth and shop!

How is it that our pets always claim the most comfortable seat in the house?

How is it that our pets always claim the most comfortable seat in the house?


The temperatures may be reaching record lows, but we are thinking ahead to warm and sunny weather!

Here are some of our recent project photos to inspire you.  Let us help you get your outdoor spaces ready to enjoy this spring!






In Living Color

On a recent trip to D.C. I visited the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of Natural History where they were exhibiting the winners of the Windland Smith Rice International Photography Awards.  The exhibit was called “Nature’s Best Photography” and it truly was breathtaking!lg_hall13_BO

What colors do you see in your everyday surroundings?  When you think of color in nature, you probably think of neutrals, greens, and blues.

If you explore a little further however, you, like these internationally acclaimed photographers will discover an amazing palette – the whole world in living color.


Elizabeth Carmel‘s “Subterranean Garden” taken in Quintana Roo in Southeastern Mexico is colorful and organic, inspiring this fabric scheme, paired with a stunning decorative glass bowl.

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