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Kitchen Transformation!!!

When my clients called me about renovating their kitchen, the challenge was that their kitchen is an interior room with no outside views. Plus, they had a large skylight that had a dated feel to it. At first, they just wanted to paint and replace appliances, but quickly realized we could greatly improve the design of their room.  We decided to  open up one end wall  to let in natural light from the dining room. What a difference that made! Then, the white cabinets, reclaimed hardwood floors, and planked walls really changed the look of their kitchen.


Tim Hance, the architect on this project, designed the skylight to flow into the planked ceiling. It  definitely helped to disguise the large square box from before and makes it feel a part of the room.


photo 3.jpgTiny



By moving a door over a foot, we were able to gain a wall of storage at this end of the room.


photo 2.jpgSmall

The cooktop area, island, and baking center have white marble countertops. The glass doors over the baking center are beautiful!



New Look For A Sophisticated Sunroom

Exceeding all expectations, this multi-purpose sunroom effectively works for my client’s request to update the room while preserving the feel of the space. The finished room  is the result of a collaboration between client and designer. We had to consider the  traffic pattern and the fact that the sunroom is multi-purposed. The space includes a breakfast table, wet bar, counter with bar stools,  and this seating area.


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Books, Built-Ins and Banana Bark

FullSizeRender1-eHow do you go about giving a room depth, detail, and architectural interest when it’s just a sheet rock box?

Having recently added a keeping room off my kitchen, I had to tackle that dilemma for myself. With the fireplace in my outdoor room  just a small courtyard away, I did not want another one inside. Something needed to be done to anchor the furniture and give the room character.

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