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What Is Your Personal Style?
April 11, 2013 | Posted by: Linda Perrow

Fashions come and fashions go but a classic mahogany chest lasts for ever!

A beautiful antique chest make an elegant statement in this foyer.

Our styles in fashion can be directly related to the styles in our home. A strand of pearls is classic like an antique mahognay chest. Designer jeans with tall heels are high fashion like a swish, sassy pillow on your sofa. Trends in the fashion industry go hand in hand with trends in the furniture industry.

An elegant yet tailored living room looks inviting.

Often times when we walk into a client’s home, we find it easy to determine their personal style by the way they present themselves or with a quick conversation. One’s personal fashion style and home decorative style should reflect one’s comfort zone. If you like the tailored Ralph Lauren look, try solids and simple stripes on your fabrics. If you like the formal look of a gentleman’s tuxedo, try gorgeous silks and damasks to create a formal atmosphere. Or, if those “well loved” gardening shoes just float your boat, Shabby Chic might just be your style.

A wonderfully casual sunroom

What’s your personal style?