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Living With Pets
April 2, 2013 | Posted by: Pam Plowden Rawson, ASID

Our pets.  They invade our homes and take up residence in our hearts.  We prefer their company over people at times when unconditional love is what we crave.  But we also love and care for our possessions – and spend a great deal of money creating a beautiful home.  Can fine things and animals co-exist peacefully?  And can it be done with style?  And does anyone know why pets gravitate to the most expensive items in the house?  Keeping the house looking neat while letting your pets make themselves at home is a challenge.

If you don’t know that I am a cat person by my Facebook page, then you will surely know it when you walk in my house.  Keeping control of them and their hair is a full-time job.  Since my cats are allowed on the furniture, I keep an assortment of throws to wrap around or over a chair or sofa.  They protect the upholstery, look nice, and can be taken off to be cleaned.  Another option is to provide an attractive and comfortable pet bed (www.dashandalbert.com) that has a washable cover (I once made one to match my den pillows).  One of our favorite manufacturers has added custom pet covers to their upholstery line.  And when it comes to pet “mistakes”, for years I have suggested a product called Nature’s Miracle (www.natures-miracle.com).  Read the instructions carefully.  With a little patience and diligence, I have been able to remove some pretty big disasters.

This Malabar Grove throw is a pretty way to keep Mopsy from shedding on my favorite chair.

When not napping in a patch of sunshine, you can find Max on the most expensive fabric in the house.

My friend, Cathy, found a practical solution for letting Tiger and Little Bit enjoy their company in her living room (www.surefit.net).