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What’s In Your Bookcase?
July 9, 2013 | Posted by: Linda Perrow

So often clients ask us to arrange the items in their bookcases. For us, it is like a puzzle, using books, accessories, and sentimental objects in such a way that would be pleasing to the room. Symmetry, balance, and form can create an architectural feature that enhances any room. Frequently, we use a few family heirlooms amid the items while providing basic storage for one’s possessions. A collection of treasures carefully displayed together on the shelves can reflect one’s hobbies, or, even a life-long passion for obtaining special items such as small art pieces, or items collected from traveling the world, perhaps.

It is nice, also, to add a few new or artistic accessories to the arrangement. Adding these new pieces make any bookcase very interesting, indeed!

These bookcases flank a window in a family room and house some of the client’s favorite items.

Along with those cherished books, what’s in your bookcase? Do you need to add a few new items to make a statement, or, to update the look of your room?

Repeating the green in the accessories on these bookshelves brings color across the room.