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New Look For A Sophisticated Sunroom
April 21, 2016 | Posted by: Linda Perrow

Exceeding all expectations, this multi-purpose sunroom effectively works for my client’s request to update the room while preserving the feel of the space. The finished room  is the result of a collaboration between client and designer. We had to consider the  traffic pattern and the fact that the sunroom is multi-purposed. The space includes a breakfast table, wet bar, counter with bar stools,  and this seating area.


Design elements include a new modern sofa with a track arm, graphite colored fabric, one long bench seat cushion, and block legs with an oxford finish. The unexpected rug is made from recycled  brown leather strips handwoven with natural jute. The lamp consists of a woodgrain pattern  captured in ceramic then finished in silver. The large artwork completes the space. Rug Close-Up The sunroom is a sophisticated respite any time of day.