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Drapery Hardware Options
September 10, 2013 | Posted by: lhough

When hanging draperies for our clients, they often ask what type of drapery hardware to use. Two options we like to use are iron rods and wooden rods.  Each have a variety of styles and finishes to select from.  Iron rods come in different widths as well as different styles.  The rods can be square, twisted or a simple round rod.   Finials, rings and brackets can be contemporary or traditional in style, making it fun to accent your draperies.  The finish is also something to be determined - black, gold or even somewhere in between.

Classic and simple – these iron rods are painted black and enhance the beautiful draperies

When selecting wooden drapery rods, we determine the style and finish.  With these, you have the option of having smooth, fluted or plain rods which come in a variety of stained or painted finishes.  There are a wide range of finial options and narrowing it down can sometimes be hard since there are so many wonderful choices.