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Kitchen Transformation!!!

When my clients called me about renovating their kitchen, the challenge was that their kitchen is an interior room with no outside views. Plus, they had a large skylight that had a dated feel to it. At first, they just wanted to paint and replace appliances, but quickly realized we could greatly improve the design of their room.  We decided to  open up one end wall  to let in natural light from the dining room. What a difference that made! Then, the white cabinets, reclaimed hardwood floors, and planked walls really changed the look of their kitchen.


Tim Hance, the architect on this project, designed the skylight to flow into the planked ceiling. It  definitely helped to disguise the large square box from before and makes it feel a part of the room.


photo 3.jpgTiny



By moving a door over a foot, we were able to gain a wall of storage at this end of the room.


photo 2.jpgSmall

The cooktop area, island, and baking center have white marble countertops. The glass doors over the baking center are beautiful!



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“Flipping A House” Takes on New Meaning

ExteriorThe expression “flipping a house” takes on new meaning in this historic home renovation.  When our clients purchased this traditional house, they realized very quickly that it was not functional for their lifestyle.  They love to cook and entertain, but there was no access to the side yard and every room was dark and closed off from each other.

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Finding Inspiration For A Master Bath Renovation

Several years ago my Aunt and I started talking about renovating her master bedroom and bathroom. Plans were drawn several different ways – adding on to the back of the house, the side of the house or converting one of the three bedrooms into a bath. In the end, the best designs for their needs was to add a master bath off the side of the house, adding 270 square feet to the home. The master bedroom floor plan remained the same with the exception of closing up one door to the guest bath and opening up a door to the new bath.

A quick sketch of the master bedroom and bathroom addition.

A quick sketch of the master bedroom and bathroom addition.

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