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Seat Yourself
January 10, 2013 | Posted by: lhough

How could you not love a window seat? Window seats can be nestled in bedrooms, kitchens, stairwells, bathrooms or just about anywhere.

Window seat flanked with bookcases

Need to take a moment and collect your thoughts? Why not curl up in a cozy window seat with a good book or your favorite magazine? Window seats can add the perfect touch in a bedroom (like in this teenager’s room).

A reading nook tucked away with drawers below for extra storage

Here’s a warm nook in a dining room

This window seat adds extra seating in a kitchen

A window seat in a stairwell adds interest

A nook just for cuddling up to read with your kids.

Window seats can give storage opportunities, extra seating or a place to relax. They can have bookcases on either side, storage drawers below or built on legs. Whatever your choice, a window seat can change the feel and functionality of your room.