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Monogramming – A Special Touch
September 10, 2015 | Posted by: Linda Perrow

Fine linens and towels are not only luxurious and decorative, but useful as well. When monogrammed, towels can add quite the finishing touch to a bathroom.

mongram bath towels

Historically, hand embroidery was perfected by the ladies of the home. Today, Swiss knot embroidery, or appliqued monogramming is used to make linens very special and personal, suggesting hospitality.

Monogram Styles

With thousands of thread color choices,  and hundreds of monogram styles, there are limitless options.


Monogram Towels


Not limited to bathrooms, monograms are a decorative touch on formal place settings to master bedroom pillows.

Monogrammed linens are beautiful and lovely additions to any room project  and a delight for the lady of  the home!