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Change is good
August 28, 2014 | Posted by: lhough

Tower Bridge, LondonHave you ever noticed how everything around you seems to change without you even noticing? It’s like turning around and your child has grown up overnight, or within seconds your new I-Phone is out of date, or that sofa you just recovered has spots and stains all over it. In an instant, things are different. That’s how I felt after a recent trip to London with my family. I realized not only how much the city had changed in the 17 years since I’d been there, but also how modern it had become. The City of London is home to some of the world’s most amazing modern structures that have risen magically between ancient building and cathedrals. From the city’s tallest skyscraper, the Heron Tower, to the Gherkin, built in the financial district of London, the architecture is quickly changing.

Tower of London and Gherkin

From the Tower of London (founded 1066) to modern buildings under construction, the London skyline is constantly changing

British architecture is an eclectic mix of styles from Roman and Neo-Gothic, Tudor and English Baroque, to the 21st century modern. There are many ways to see these styles in the City of London. One is by taking a cruise down the River Thames, where the comparison of the old city and the new city amazed me. Along the wharf, old warehouses have been converted into luxurious apartments. Iconic bridges like Tower Bridge loom over newer ones like the London Millennium Footbridge. Another is by riding The London Eye, built in 1998 for the Olympics, that sits on the edge of the Thames with a 360 degree view of London’s old and new.  From Westminster Abby, built in the 10th century, there are views of Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, City Hall and an assortment of structures, which was a fun challenge to capture with my camera.

Tower Bridge and The Shard, Tower Bridge and City Hall, The Gherkin and an old cathedral

Tower Bridge (1886) and The Shard (2003), Tower Bridge (1886) and City Hall (2002), The Gherkin (2004) and the Church of St. Helen (12th century)

St. Paul's Cathedral (1675)  and the London Millennium Footbridge (1998)

St. Paul’s Cathedral (1675) and the London Millennium Footbridge (1998), 20 Fenchurch Street “Walkie Talkie” (2014)

A modern sky walk connecting buildings, Big Ben and the London Eye (1998), Lloyd's Building "Inside Out" (1986), the British Museum

A modern skywalk in Covent Garden, Big Ben (1858) and the London Eye (1998), Lloyd’s Building “Inside Out” (1986), The British Museum (founded 1753)

The architectural combination makes a vibrant city, steeped in history, but modern in times, an exciting world capital. Even the iconic Red Phone booth seems to be a thing of the past!Red Phone Booth