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Something Old, Something New

FullSizeRender2It’s not often something new comes along that solves a problem that’s a recurring issue with many clients. But like most “new” ideas, it’s really just a twist on something that’s been around a long time. The problem? What should I put at my kitchen sink to save my floors and my back?

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TV’s are a Fact of Life

In today’s world, we have learned to design around flat screen tvs. Here are several ways to incorporate them into your home.


Frame your TV with cabinets


Hang over an antique chest


Hide it behind a painting! This painting lifts up to expose the tv.


Over the mantel


Inside a bookcase

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Tailored Trims

When it comes to trim, whether it’s on a pillow or draperies, I tend to prefer the simplicity and tailored look of a flat braid.  Several oversized braids and appliques are now available that give us a new way to update an old (and classic) theme.  On a recent trip to ADAC in Atlanta, I took some pictures as examples.

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