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Can this chair be saved?
January 22, 2015 | Posted by: lhough

Or should you even try? Clients ask us this all of the time. There is not a simple answer to that question. In fact, more questions need to be addressed before the answer is clear.Questions to consider:

What is the quality of the frame? It should be a kiln dried hardwood frame with 8 way hand tied springs.


Is the style timeless? There is no reason to invest in a piece that sits too low, has bad proportions, or feels dated.

Is it comfortable? Is it everyone’s favorite seat in the house? This is a major determing factor.

Does it need major “reworking”? Upholstery labor that includes remaking arms, webbing, cushion stuffing, etc. can add up quickly. It’s best to have an accurate estimate up front.

With those questions considered, it’s a matter of weighing the options to decide whether to recover or to buy new but remember, less expensive is not always the better value or the right option. We help our clients by doing the math, weighing the options and making an informed decision.