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Artwork – The Finishing Touch
October 8, 2013 | Posted by: Carol Hamilton

Many of you have seen the recent pictures of the condo we completed in the Upstate and heard that we are headed to Dallas this month for another big installation.

Artwork is one of the biggest design details that can pull together a project. We have all kinds of resourses for artwork, but recently we’ve been working a lot with our travelling dealers.  They scope out artists in the Southeast then bring us a variety of styles, price ranges, and sizes to look through.

In the condo project we only came back with two leftover pieces that weren’t used out of the twelve we had chosen to try!  Here’s how the artwork incorporated into the house.

The wall by the porch door is straight ahead as you open the front door of the condo. We new this was a very important wall that needed a statement piece.  This mono-chromatic abstract painting reminded us of the park next to the condo and ties together all the cream, taupe, and gray in the living room.

Down the hallway, there were several large walls that needed art. This cityscape fills the space, but because of it’s muted colors, it doesn’t “knock you over” as you walk past it.

These colorful paintings brighten up the den (left) and study nook (right).

As we head to Dallas next week, we’re excited to see how all the artwork again makes the finishing touch.  Stay tuned for pictures!