Our Approach


We believe a room should be inspired, gorgeous to look at, filled with sumptuous colors and textures. Yes. But it is also important that the space have a lived-in feel, each of its many (and varied) appointments well chosen.

That is exactly why our clients come to us again and again. We assist with interior selections such as carpets, wallcoverings, paint, fabrics, furnishings, lighting, artwork and accessories. Services include consultation, selecting, ordering, receiving, warehousing, delivery and installation. Our fee during this phase is covered in the cost of goods.

Very often clients also want us to be involved up front, during the construction phase of building or renovation. Services include on-site meetings, meetings with architects, contractors, and lighting specialists, existing furniture inventory, and tile and plumbing selections. We provide this service at an hourly rate.

Please note we work on projects of all sizes within all budget ranges. Please give us a call to determine if we are a good fit for your project.

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