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I will really miss this house!

As professional designers, we often work very closely with our clients in building or renovating their homes.  We agonize over every  decision for wiring, plumbing, wood trim, flooring, and tile as well as the “pretty” ones with fabric, wallpaper, furniture, and paint,  as if they were our own. These houses become a part of us, and it is hard to tell them goodbye.



I recently had a beloved project in downtown Charleston be put on the market and sold. We had worked on the renovation for over a year. I knew every intimate detail of this house and was involved in almost all of the decisions for it. I frequently got to stay there and enjoy our work. So, the owners and I began the sad process of saying goodbye to the house. One last visit in April, and then my wonderful installers arrived to start the dismantling process.
















We’ve packed it all up ready to go to the next house in another city. It will be a year or two as we start another renovation. We will find a place for all of the beloved furniture, artwork and fabrics. Some will change form or move to another place. Some won’t fit in the new house. Maybe it will go to a son or daughter’s house. Life does constantly change.






But I will really miss this house!


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A Hidden Columbia Treasure

A friend of mine, Jane Suggs, asked me to help with a volunteer project this spring on behalf of her garden club.  Little did I know, I would see a hidden treasure in the middle of my city that I didn’t know existed!

She took me to a small garden next to the Governor’s Mansion, part of the original Boylston gardens.  There stood a small octagonal garden house which sorely needed some refurbishing.  We made a plan and then started calling in favors from some artisans that we both knew.  From Blythewood Plaster Company, Charles Stevens and family, Wilkes Ironworks, Real Value Stone to our Pulliam Morris team, we pulled together a fresh look for the interior of this charming building.

Many brides use this garden for their weddings, and this space gives them a place to go before the ceremony. Ride by and take a look!  Its on the corner of Lincoln and Calhoun streets and is in honor of our military veterans. A very special spot!

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Tulips Are In Bloom…And So Is This Bedroom

Spring is here in full force – flowers and trees are blooming everywhere!

This “Pink Impression” tulip brightened my desk at work this week.

Recently while working on a scheme for a client’s guest bedroom, she suggested that we use pink and aqua to create a soft and lovely ambiance. With the embroidered florals that we chose, it will be springtime year-round in this bedroom!

We selected the floral pattern for bed pillows (bottom left), the aqua and white pattern for a chair (top left), and the solid aqua for windowseat pillows (bottom right).

This pink linen damask (top right) was the initial selection for the scheme. The multi-color patterns, like this one on the bench (bottom), tie together the pink and aqua in the room.

Happy Spring!

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