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Are You Big Enough To Think Small?

Supersize me.

Go big or go home. 

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. 

Less is more. 

Which philosophy best defines you? I confess I can go both ways. The idea of shedding all of the stuff that weighs us down is very appealing. But then again, our prized possessions can define our lives and tell our story. So, could you imagine living in a house that is 393 square feet? You might…if it looked like this one.

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Worth the Wait

Beautiful Pillows In our world today we want everything in an instant. But for one client, it was worth the wait. After moving into a new home two years ago, our client was ready to furnish her living room. Up until now, their three young girls used the living room as a dance hall. But now with a few new pieces, the dance hall has been transformed into an elegant living room.

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